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belongs* to the typhoid state. The fuliginous condition of the tongue,

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Many other apparently terminal nerve organs exhibit the

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general, regarding it to have, in many cases, a demoralising

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we may give one teaspoonful twice a day to a dog. Besides

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looking like a string of short bacilli. In cultures upon all solid

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della mal.iria. Arte med., NapoU, 1000, ii, 60; J^S. — Dre-

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hardly meet the difficulty of the case. More than that. Dr.

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med. psych.," Jan.— Feb., 1896; '5 "journ. Ment. Sci.," July, 1896;

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more serious picture, although in itself the onset affords little aid in

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veloped head, which sways around on the thin little neck like a squash

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also be extended to passenger cars in the points specified. Ac-

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Australas. M. Gaz., Sydne.y, 1895, xiv, 20.5. — Fiseher.

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positive roentgenographic features of the two entities involving

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occasions a congestion of blood in such part, inde[)endent ol'any disturb-

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chilliness. More rarely the disease begins with a severe chill, ac-

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found, and no communication with animals traceable, he

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" Tell me,'' said I to an older student than myself, who was walking

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symptoms, such as vertigo, paresthesias, and headache ; it

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stated that he had never seen a case where alcohol solely

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appears to be unavoidable, that the cerebrum is not involved in Traumatic Tetanus.

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was no history of it in herself or in her family, and the murmur

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tube, just as in fastening a flower in the lapel of our coat

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donated $12,000 to erect a wing to be used as a Western

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illustrated by diagrams, and we should be glad to see them

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During the past eighteen months I have been trying to make an

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however relate in a very brief manner, the various observations

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unwise, so we decided to call it when It was deemed most advan-

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Thoui;h the Recitation aii'l Preliuiin.irx Sc-5-*i'>h> i'- • .•piional, it i.s hoped that all who can wfl

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as in this Act mentioned, that the object of the experiment will be

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ceptional cases in which no rash appears have a generally mild course ; but

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having already passed the first stage — infiltration — and

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Thus, the lassitude felt after the warm bath may be attributed