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day, a friend attending the dinner given in her honor presented

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transverse, is met so often in the early stage of consti-

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property of Mr. James Farquhar. The estate belonging to Alexander

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an^^as for several centuries the headquarters to which

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nJI/ irVM^ f'ir tbt itciOMigmgig'rfit of msMli^g^ aad eren tzj to excite

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the une.xpired portion of his leave of absence, will proceed to

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and V). A distinct and persistent rise was only observed in cases

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is only a few weeks at least until we have an induration of the (so-called

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tumour lying behind the intestines; it was free from

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yellow fluid in the cavity, bile-stained, which contained many polynuclear

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Lateral ventricles not much dilated ; they contained turbid fluid, and in the

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being flexible. Dr. Cheever enlarged the openings, and removed a piece of

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via is diagnosed, the sooner the uterus is there may be sufficient dilatation of cervix

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tion stronger; dulness on percussion and increased vocal resonance

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Fever," ^ Dr. Osier refers to the eliminative plan of treatment as

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nale sucking the blood from the walls of the duodenum." This

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was under my observation on and off in the dispensary

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attaches great importance to the fact, and considers it to be of very frequent

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Synonym. — Litliium citricuin, citrate of lithia, E.; citrate

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other. The operated eye acquired strength, so that by

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University Medical School and the AIDS Education and

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about one-thousandth as large as the former, and which are

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a puzzled, inquiring look ; difficulty of swallowing, and speechlessness,

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Fever," ^ Dr. Osier refers to the eliminative plan of treatment as

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body, in but few if any do we wholly get rid of the

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more blood to ihe region. This blood is destined to

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contributed largely towards the yearly income of the

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reunited ; apply sedative and antiphlogistic lotions ; and in time,

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students of medicine, who looked on with breathless interest.

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upon the necessity tor interference, not by his knowledge of


his reference to the subject of leukemic involvement of the spinal

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and imbricated than tliose formed in eczema. Psoriasis prefers the

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means of relief, there are smaller details requiring attention. A