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this subject be right or wrong, (continues the Professor,) it may
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professor, or by a mere lecturer like myself, may not always be
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and the amount of pain it produced was inconsiderable. He thought it
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Lieutenants— A. B. Ferguson, M.B., Ch.B.Glasg. (1905); A. J.
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much delayed ; if, however, the dogs are fed on the
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upon the diphtheria bacillus. He proved that the action of
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siero antianiarillico (Sanarelli). Gazz. med. di Torino,
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high heat, favoring ? The climate, as far as relates
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the normal size of the urethra in its xjioiitjij portion,
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esthesia is procured, and no more should be given than is
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had ceased, and the ventricles and auricles presented a corrugated appearance.
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affected, whereas we only perceive this spongy watery condi-
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knowledge goes, each is limited to its corresponding disease.
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osteum being destroyed, nature pushed out the ulna,
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morning and talk it over for an hour before the Council would meet ; I will not say positively,
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to about two- thirds of a grain, and they obtained satisfactory
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of the thickness of the vagina and rectum was repaired, and tin- formed
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externus muscle, thus encircling about three-fourths of the largest part of the
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statute was not an enabling statute intended to confer
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organs, or, which is less frequently the case, the second and third stage of
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disappearance of the eruption till the termination of the disease.
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infant’s diet, is consistent with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recom-
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their physicians operated alike. This is characteristic, in
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1878, XXV. 294 ; 344.— Fyfe (P.) Address to young plumb-
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that of other acute febrile diseases, but the coincidence has been observed
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