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in 2 cases. Vomiting occurred 8 times. Pain w^as very severe in 1
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attached to a burette containing a warmed mixture of the two solutions under
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usually under 3 years old, made at the New York Foundling Hospital.
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bed for from three to four days to a week ; she is as-
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least for a time, by exciting an inflammation which shall aflect
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tion. From the congenital absence of certain groups of muscles the diag-
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frequencies of the spectrum are thermal, luminous or chemi-
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Surgeonin-Chief ol St. Joseph's Hospital, Professional Lee-
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Pkrcival, Grorcp. Hf.srv. M.R.C.S. Eng., L.S. A. —Assistant Medical
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brated medical school of Alexandria, and among Arab or Saracen
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theria with the blood-serum of immune animals rests upon a much more sub-
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little sensibility, bearing the impression of the lower jaw teeth.
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It is strange, but true, that courts of law frequently fail to see the
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fuse diuresis, convulsions without loss of consciousness;
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innocuous. The milk used at the initiation suppers was
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— indeed, we have thought they have rather exposed the patient
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education, University of Health Sciences, Kansas City,
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congestion. But congestion in the fit proves not that congestion caused
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it be a libel to say of a man of rank, wealth, and fashion,
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cataract, it must be confessed that the evacuation of the acjueous humour Is likely
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Suppose we are called to a patient in a state of sliock due to a
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proximately 10% by those authors who believe in the
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First Lieut. J. M. Cabell, Asst. Surgeon, ordered for duty at
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a few blood cells, and in addition small collections of larger, deeply
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pressing on the laryngeal nerves. The imperative operations