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method for detecting uric acid, or upon others of a

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2. We may mentally distinguish between cases in wmch the

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of freshly prepared suspension of four different live strains of B. influ-

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conservanda bona valetudine. 16°. Francofurti, 1545.

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threatens; just as pernicious progressive anaemia in pregnancy

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.when it seems proper so to do, as a source of disease

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in the case of 1 10°, lowest 9G°, but ice stopped before

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a spasmodic contraction of the bluod-vessels takes place are

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rise to flatness on percussion, and absence of respiratory murmur from the

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cation is made, and where such institution is, or is intended to be

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because you may generally mitigate or remove the pain by intro-

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to be one of bronchitis only, while if a red color appears

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blows to the doctrine of spontaneous ,gen- and that through their influence and that of

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•whole operation. More than a quart of pus was drawn out. No par-

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bicarbonate, and the intensity of its poisonous action much re-

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more value to the practitioner in this country, Dr. Ray has added an appendix which affords in-

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Providence, 1883-8, iii, 413-433.— l«imdler. Ein Beitrag

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a rambling excursion is a good and wholesome thing,

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have taken special means for the promotion of vaccnation. Of the 79

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sensibility, can seldom be made out. The reflex susceptibility is generally

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There were two children sick with diphtheria, one having died a few

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the very nature of things, which is fatal to tlie item

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30 per cent was given in about 15 minutes. He gave the rest at

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solution of its continuity as already indicated, they multiply rapidly, pro-

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months, during which time the treatment has been confined to a repeti-

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animals that die under the operation is greedily devoured by

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joints, and no fluid in the cavity. The bones grate when

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of the various centres and tracts which constitute the tegmentum,

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subpleural ecohymoses over both lungs. Tlio tran.iverse, or left

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such expressions as "sluggish liver," "torpid liver," "disordered

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portal vein are closed, but those of the hepatic remain open. The hepatic

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with, but not altogether abolished. Conclusion. — Afferent

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classifiable as electric, what then is this doctrine