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diminution of the red corpuscles. Fibrinous clots are often
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animated by the same ganglionic nervous system, and particularly the intes-
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consented. They were commenced forthwith; and, after
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particularly in young women of a nervous temperament. Its distin-
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g'ency are admitted without the usual recommendation.
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and the intervening bridge of bone was removed. No evi-
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sation of coldness in the ears, and is characterized by exaxxrbation in the
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potassse. It can always be detected by the microscope.
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tal disturbance, he set a fire in the building where
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cas de tifevre typhoide observ6s a I'Hopital civil pendant
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there is any retraction of the alse on inspiration, and any difficulty in
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rence of a head-catarrh, the parts were liable to become
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nuiul)ers from this point towards the circumference of
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Simple Persistence of the Arterial Canal. — By G. Gerard.
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(5) Undescejided Testicle. — After operating in order to
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When gastritis is not promptly relieved by the active employment
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good enough, seems to carry his hobby rather too far.
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a mild form." The weekly returns of the deaths j-egistered
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Complications, &c. The poison of hooping-cough may
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indigenous inhabitants were found to be infected with
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curs, as it always does, our author advises the suspension of a
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thus been worked upon, he was asked to furnish to the
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the cases, though the latter usually persists longer than the former.
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regenerating nerves may be excitable only from above the lesion; the
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Three Cases Successfully Treated by Forward Dislocation of
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and by Prince and Fitz are so complete that I shall refer
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The hearty response to our appeal on behalf of the suf-
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Fever," by J. Lewis Smith, M.D., of New York ; Dis-
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3. An early diagnosis of an offending appendix means much to the
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operation in question recommendable, and ' the credit' of doing which he
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bility is great ; otherwise free dilution by drink is an advantage.
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mer of 1915, however, in consequence of a reappearance of the leg
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while it does not appear in the urine of the opposite kidney until half an
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inoculations of lymph nodes from various regions should also be
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When I was visiting Holzknecht four years ago, a gentle-
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sylvania. In two large and handsome Svo.vols. Cloth. $9 00 ; leather, $11 00. {Lately