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section of the spinal cord in the neck, whereby dilatation of the mesen-

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it certainly is — that of doubling back the tongue and

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stitial areolar tissue was, as it were, bathed in a reddish serous fluid,

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of the forceps, 1 to IH ounces of the above-described reddish, opaque, thin fluid spurted

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with the morbid state of the latter : or it may be that one and the

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Note. — Prophylactic treatment adopted September, 1909.

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faintly marked, or totally absent. This observation is founded on

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it, and the patient has since remained pretty well, but with a

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from flatus or fteces. The bowel becomes strangulated In its

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population; trade area 16,000 population located in south-

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total is as .5 : 3 : 2 : 4 : 1. Viewed in this light the unreliability of

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plan as that of boys. Trite and indisputable as these statements must ap-

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large truck crashed into Dr. Niles’ home, throwing him

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ing and evening temperatures are taken, the morning commonly repre-

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a principle that wherever true merit exists among their

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Northrup. — Heart and liver : From the margin of one

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the first case the pains remit in a few days, it is true ; they do not en-

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fiimself familiarly acquainted with all that has been discover-

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doctor, but of late has been a journalist, and brings to his

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all directions. — A stranger who visited him, once

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To protect the extensive wounds often caused by shell fire the

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sixty days and it healed up. Then an ugly condition set up, and he

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and his colleagues. By W. C. Abbott, M. D., Editor of the

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" That a meeting of the Society should be called on

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City ; secretary. Dr. T. C. Gilchrist, of Baltimore, Md.

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not be confused with experiment. Our first consideration

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for several days. I at first apprehended that I had

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the patients who suffer from so-called eye-strain. But the

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to -whom I just now referred, had received a veiy slight contusion in a

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dimensions, were thrown npon our coast. One at Penrhyn in

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anterior tibial nerve on the dorsum of the foot. J. Anat.

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