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of cases in which the incisions diminish pain ; and that

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micrococci. The entire endocardium seemed to be much thick-

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board, S. stopped, and for several seconds attended

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size and shape. Its wall is 1.5 cm. thick. The musculature is somewhat pale, rather dull,

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remedies but much more satisfactory in the long run than harsh

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displaced. Besides the tonic medication mentioned, frictions

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of c wave estimated from the brachial tracing) 0.51, 0.42 and 0.28,

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2, the gum. B, Further development of tooth, and of the eccentric folding of the

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lepsy came on, as if there were a definite lesion causing

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first she thinks she did it simply because she was nervous, but

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tudinal sinus. On introducing the finger into the wound, the

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with the barbed portion ruffled, and imbued with oil. The

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other science — we are expected to disentangle with cer-

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made him think more highly of the oblique incision in the operation than the

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ized in vessels of alkaline glass, as it becomes turbid when heated in

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emia to “something within the placenta” ; and not to the

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is what was expected In- many when the new departure

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Mrs. B., aged 60, married. One child when aged 18, none since.


over half the hand and along the fingers. . The affected surface was

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Reprinted in Paul, O: The Caring Physician: The Life of Dr.

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which was re-enforced with five or six grains of emetic tartar,

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and apigmented areas. On cutting into the leproma, it is seen to be

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some aniline dye and upon the discovery of cases of one-child sterility without com-

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of Spartanburg and was not seen by any member of our commission.

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the baby's wardrobe. Nurses and mothers should be acquainted with

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because each new step in thought reconciles many apparently discordant

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