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functions of the stomach. Just here I would add that
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ture, strength, and nutrition. On the whole, and regarding the entire
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a wrong opinion, on the part of a medical man, at all
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Tlie Constitutional Treatment. — Prescribe a cooling diet ; ad-
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that the present statistics give an erroneous impression
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Although I should restrict the use of sea-bathing, except in con-
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Armand, Delille and Huet: Contribution jl I'etude du poison tuberculeux,
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fancy sketches—or are profound metaphysical abstractions, filled
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been treated with the antitoxin injections, with 109
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It is the supreme resource, and as the patient cannot
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„ 31, „ 4, omit the semicolon after „necessary".
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1 oz., water in proportion. Try to remove the primary