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That malaria can be intense in dry regions is equally certain, but

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some other pubished cases, and upon this material he builds his theory. He

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I, however, do not pose as a reformer or advocate, only as

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Memphis M. Month., 1893, xiii, 211-214. — Keclus (I*.)

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disease of the valves which immediately succeed the auricles in

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with any paralytic condition of the ordinary respiratory muscles. Dn-

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furnished with an indiarubber tube stiffened by a spiral wire

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organ within the abdomen, where sight, hearing, and feeling

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fairly safe. It may be said in this connection that in

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I extracted it with forceps, and the patient did well.

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is incised longitudinally so that it can be presei-ved after it has been

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Surgery of the Stomach, etc. In Three Parts. By John C. Hemmeter, M.B., M.D., Philos D.,

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a sharp spoon, and the different cavities were drained

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Some Remarks upon the Efficacy of general Remedies, and

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ease, and more especially of the infectious or spreading diseases. A disin-

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