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perineum and anterior and posterior vaginal walls, peri-

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The author does not think that there can be any doubt about the diagnosis

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he needs, and can take without inducing quinine poisoning, in the

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Increased fluidity of the blood on the one hand, and increased tension in the

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systemic capillaries, he rejects. He admits the possibility, but not the proba-

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what he had done. Tlie same author cites examples of persons engaged in con-

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Hysterical successful through removing the stimuli of the

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Upon the left vocal cord, at the junction of the an-

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well as of Arbuthnott's day and generation. There had been no

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maligna in that island, unril the end of 1783, nor did it appear

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from the fact that there is a history of two separate attacks, and that it

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sensation. Excision of the facial centre in the right hemisphere in a

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tubal pregnancies, even if not causing the death of the

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natural improvement, as a result of treatment, is greatly encouraged

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Bastianelli and of Mannaberg. We find first the cases of inoculation

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