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sulphuric acid and tincture of opium. I have remarked that

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doing we pay the chemist who compounded them and all the

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muscle, which it was intended to grasp with the forceps (together

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experienced by many CPAP patients, for example, does not

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iiigns : Dulness and partial obstruction, -with crepitus in lower two-thirds of

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ecchymosis. Unless carefully treated, these abrasions rap-

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1 nevropatol., St. Peterb., 1883, i, no. 2, 229-235. Also,

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be hard, indeed, if the soulless searchers after microbes

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others failed to obtain his results. To this latter group belongs

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possessed. Of the three possible avenues of infection the skin is the

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us is an instance of the danger we a'.lude to. We find throughout

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spect thereto, or to appoint a servicing company or

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graduated from Columbia University Medical School in

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carditis and a right inguinal hernia. He had received treatment

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350, in his third 220, without having reached, in his opinion, the maximum quan-

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Dr. Bertram Spencer's many friends have recently had great

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noted as compared -svith that of others of similar sex, age, and

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during the latter’s vacation, gave listeners to the

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or three inches below the costal cartilages, and the liver re-

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I am now going to touch upon a medico-surgical topic, as it

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should occupy in Surgery is, that it will occasionally be

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time they certainly may act as proximate causes in persons predisposed

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trolable hemorrhage, and 6 from perforation and peri-

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reading of the Vaccination Bill, said its object was the con-

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EssentLal Details in the Conductor Labor. By Kate Reynolds

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8. College of Physicians and Suigeons, Fairfield, New-York, 1812:

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one week after the maximum week of influenza and the second, three

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1. On Some Important Points Regarding Perfection of

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ing midwives and no definite knowledge of their activities, but if

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Beer proposes to call the affection exophthalmus when

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of diagnosis, while the fact of pre^dous attacks of rheumatism are far from

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operations, which shows how carefully they studied surgery. They set

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what advanced stage. Much fever, with hard, full pulse, cough, and blood-

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struments or a|)pliances, and he disdains surgery, on the