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settled only by the microscopical examination of the organs from a patient

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found to deserve adoption in preference to simple Caesarean

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application to diphtheritic exudations of grave cha-

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examination of the meat, takes out the samples necessary for inspec-

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I hereby certify that I have analyzed a sample of " .St. Leon Water," taken from the bulk

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pulle on ele • obber on clane butere • *1 fmyre p heafob

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interrupted or continuous silk suture. In large duodenal ulcer, the

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vaccine (premier vaccin) by a cultivation at the above-men-

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sufficient in extent or degree to impair tlie function of these organs, then

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was operated upon and the diseased appendix removed.

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ring from this cause, our author must proceed with great method

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other, aided by a few philosophical writers on the curative powers

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Sarcomatous growths may either originate in the antrum, the

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consists of irregular sheets of fusiform cells. In places where

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monia, and was supposed to have an opening near the

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straw-yard upon that provender, with the addition perhaps

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of the mechanism. Though the anatomical division into

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To distinguish between the different forms and to refer each

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Northern, 2 p.m.; St. ThomaVp. l\ p.m.; Samaritan, 2.30 p.m.; King's

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gravity this state of affairs is brought about more easily in the vertical

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an intermission in the Reference Committee proceedings. We had been together two days

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chantes were admitted to the university proper they were

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the remainder of the articular surface of the tibia

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changing climate, they followed no rational rule whatever

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Drs. Pouchet and Chabry have recently conducted some

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acts beneficially as a stimulant. It is easily prepared

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been ptinctured by a fractured rib and has been implicated in in-

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the tongue, and very soon the submaxillar and cervical

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paper with this title. He advised waiting three or four

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tonics or stimulants, but by the introduction of nutritive, unstiraulating ali-

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the gastric juice. His results conform to those of Bracounot, Prout, Las-

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to make room to get well round the base of the tongue,

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arrested. The administration of the strychnia was continued in the same doses

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grees into the therapeutics of these cases, and, taken to-

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but whatever curative power it may possess is exerted indirectly. Its

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Up to the age of 16, the difference between boys and girls has been

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r-'ln.nt ha. vetv ntaterialK itnpnned. He i- nnu taken t„ the npefatin,-