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theft, and lying. Others suffered from violent attacks of temper,

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the clear knowledge that he is on the brink of delirium tremens, that he is

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followed the example set them by the Catholics, till it came

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is a common thing, and often makes patients of this class very dangerous.

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very common. Are such persons to be regarded as merely vicious, or

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all probability it is due to some specific microbe or microbes, though it

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appear not invariably) to be noticed, namely, that in organic disease

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pass through life unaffected by sexual desires. Nature will

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The amounts of sweat normally secreted by different persons in

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company, who from the moment of his abrupt entrance re-

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clinical course is different ; the tumours sometimes disappear spontaneously,

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13. Eosinophil. The granules are numerous, large, uniform in size, and

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dementia. In cases with few or no physical signs the prognosis of the

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Occasionally the disease may vanish without our intervention, or yield

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red-cell count that is truly representative of the average for men

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mental disorders, by altering the state of the body, and as

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isoimmunization as a cause of the reactions by Rh typing of the

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/. If the titration of ammonia held by an excess of boric acid,

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stipation, gastric and hepatic disturbances are also important contributory

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inoculation of the disease into the lower animals has failed to produce

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sensitive the person the greater the danger of the practice ; not so much

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resemble hypnotic states. In these heredity, shock, acute illness, and the

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of the ladies began to glow, their imaginations to become in-

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and esteem of their fellows, and so satisfies the definition of a vice.

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combated by treatment appropriate to the latter condition. If it has

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of our school systems the strange tendency to superstition

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there is venous congestion, as in eczema of the lower leg ; and only

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nor does it affect the general health. On the whole, it seems to be a

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others. Of hysterical tremors there are several varieties ; the commonest,