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1. A girl^ aged 18, had felt for two years acute pains in the

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in the liver, and the spleen was of normal size. The case is a

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years ago, when he suffered from a severe attack of

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* As it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to determine,

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Soil Pollution. — The prevention of soil pollution is the essential

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phritis, the author remarks that the increase in albumen

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swollen. She took medicines, which partially removed the swelling. She came to

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the principles laid down by Sir Lenthal Cheatle, in planning incisions

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use of the ophthalmometer of Javal I have fully published form I found.

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parative rareness of this species of ophthalmia, we shall, I think,

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I am not sufficiently versed in the aetiology and classi-

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should be of great assistance in the investigation and control of

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186 Edmunds: Changes after Thyro-jyarathijroidectomij

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favor it, the patient being a young and vigorous wo-

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more or less associated with him during the next fifteen months,

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Emphasis should be on nondestructive procedures and

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see that the polyuria is but a result of rapid tissue changes, rapid

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clearly seen where high notes were sounded by the pa-

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from other causes than the ingestion of oxalic acid with the

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effect. I have a man getting progressively thinner : dilatation does no good,

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bulb syringe. Bronchoscopy was done at once but the

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hue which changed rapidly to a dirty green color, with the formation of a

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(gonidia) are elliptical, with a smooth surface. The