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logy. For second and third years' students : Senior Scholarship : value
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sexual organs; and even if the latter be diseased, we are not justified in as-
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The Hospital contains 25 beds. Clinical instruction is given. A.
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.ZEtiology. — Tuberculosis of the leptomeninges is always a secondary affec-
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of undoubted cerebral disease, as in posthemiplegic hemichorea. We have,
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and of Duchenne in France, in 1858, for a more comprehensive knowledge of
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Surgical, and Practical Physiology; Pathology; Surgery, Theoretical,
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ically the atrophy of the muscle appears primarily as a narrowing of the in-
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Mements of Animal Physiology; the DistinctiYe Characters of the
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well as certain general disturbances of nutrition all pointing to a constitutional
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retical single" examination, or the whole ''theoretical combined"
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nuclein intake. The entirely uncontrolled statements as to the amount of
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Obstetrical Olinios, of Psyoologioal Clinios, Praotioe of Pathological Anatomy,
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ered besides immobility— first, the condition of the paralyzed muscles, and
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spread frois anhsat to aninal thr«^ e^ttwlnated fetdfmi ^ dHnklfKi ut«wi!$, direct
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repeatedly to. these difficult and interesting problems (compare chapters on
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picture, may perhaps be explained in another way. A very considerable num-
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At tlie IH/Md examinatioii the students will be required to prove their
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elimination should be encouraged. Treatment directed to a possible thyroid
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