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whitish streaks and patches ; haemorrhages both punctiform

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the propagation of certain of the larger viruses including

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of the Human Electrocardiogram. Jour. Exper. Med.. 1915. xxi. 593.

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to advise with it in direction of efforts in this field.

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Diabetes Mellitus. — The pathogenesis of diabetes

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side, some difficulty in swallowing, and with grasp of left hand

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attractive results as to beauty as well as to health.

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Seven human hearts were similarly tested, and they leaked freely

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condition which is known as abdominal shock. In simple

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Abdominal pain during night. Discomfort after food this morning. September 20- login

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continued weekly up to the present time, the last dose being ts^jo mg.

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there for some time, and mostly escaped, a small portion being swallowed.

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Prognosis. — The mortality from yellow fever varies much in diJSerent

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elevation or clinical hepatitis. By Inference, the period of

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beginning of its inflammatory stage, enabled me to disperse it in every

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painful ulcerations occur by their incautious use. How-

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who said nothing (being asked nothing) about it, but simply,

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ginger to make a proper ball mass. Multiplying each of the

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upon it, was gently raised until the left forefinger reached

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a hot-air bath of 1 hour duration is prescribed. 4. In chronic

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is henefieial, since it tends to invigorate the heart muscle; it is to l>e increa^

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performed in accordance with the ideas and judgment of the

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2. Attendance at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.

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ical fraternity that physicians must look for any redress to the seeming

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trocar should be withdrawn when the rib is reached.

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words, where the volatile poison is freely diluted with atmos-

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of the tubercles, may result in adhesions between the intes-

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remembered that most of the herds tested were suspected herds,