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on the limbs and elsewhere. Beyond the fact that bromine has been

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Samoa, when both British and American naval officers were killed, Captain

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I had made of hard rubber, cut off straight at the point

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coronary veins, the vena cava, and the venous system gene-

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eight years ago, gave me credit for having made the first

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know of its sensitiveness, we must touch it. The mind may quail be-

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jointed as it were. The classification is so perfect that one

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at the age of five she lost the power of her lower limbs, and that shortly afterwards

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of obtaining fever reactions, and have been increased

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all these operations much, if any, beyond an hour. Fre-

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the afternoon he had three or four more copious dis-

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Basal Metabolism — Of clinical tests which have recently gained

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of the Hdwi or " Continens " only that I propose to

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Suppose you enter practice in association with one or more other physicians. May you practice

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1876.] Proceedings of Suffolk District Medical Society. 415

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surface, and small, for it seldom exceeds the size of a bean.

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the shape of the double salicylate of soda and caffeine,

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darts by the Kenyahs, a crystalline glucosid. This glucosid

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is stouter, and seems to be in better condition now than he has

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irregular contractions of the muscles in the right arm

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4.— Kovesi reviews rapidly the various views that have

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knowledge of trigonometry and analytical geometry may be

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cases of asthma 32 were cured and 11 improved ; but among

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gestion that in cases of suspected lesion of the frontal lobe, the mental

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if no sweating occur, in 20 minutes. When there is pain, if

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mass of fat, areolar tissue, torn fascia, and muscular fibre, larger

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are adopted by the Commissioners of Customs, under the orders

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some days previously complained of '*cold along the back,'' and had a pulse of

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solution, are injected. — Conim. made to the French Assoc, of Urology,

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emaciation, weakness, oedema, and cachexia. Ascites rarely occurs.

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* The altered behaviour often takes the form of increased vivacity and

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plainly seen to be a condition of strangulation of the cord,

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cerebral organization of Cuvier, it is none the less evident to us, that thia

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I have produced in my own skin by contact with Primula ohconica. I cannot

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