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Experiment 2. — The same general plan was followed as in the preceding ex-
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over a considerable extent, either by cutting instruments or caustics. Every
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before the Southern Surgical and Gynecological Society, iHqi, called
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and an antiseptic lotion applied freely night and morning. In some cases
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Medicine is almost completely organized. Prof. Ilering, of
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carbonate and sesquioxide of iron. When sulphate of
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enlarged condition of the veins of the region of the liver, attending this
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Medical Journal, for the month above indicated, Dr. R. W. I' Anson has
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towards the left side. It was removed without difficulty. The patient,
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fever, and Duprey carried out the suggestion in 1873.
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isthmus of the thyroid, descending behind the hyoid bone and in front of
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like parasite in the blood. The discovery of this parasite has
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Alvin G. Koehler, MD, retired Oshkosh physician, died
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sia and England, in Afghanistan, the Russian troops, who
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given, the sufferings of the patient are described as having been hor-
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pulse, respirations are normal. The patient is a fairly well-nourished
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symptoms were experienced, he began to have pain in
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Dorsal region (Fig. 10), columns of Tiirck, the periphery of
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centre and the right angle of the mouth, and the incision
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exhaustion or diarrhoea, after lasting some ten or twelve years.
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substantial progress was made by the examination of pus from primaiy
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cated by tumor, in ruptures of the uterus, and disease
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We confess that we have found it spiced beyond the tolerance of our pa- •
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been no convincing demonstration that the infection occurs natur-
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as a matter of general therapeutic interest, they seem to have
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parts are weakened, and hence occurs, in the arteries, especially the aorta
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a few careful questions concerning the previous symptoms will elicit
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questions connected with the theory — questions concerning the source of
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