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O. K. B. MaughB, K.D., Missouri Medical College, St.

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ment of Public Welfare which requested its introduction.

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During the past eighteen months he has seen five cases

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Myomata of the Uterus," by Dr. R. S. Sutton, of Pitts-

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first time, and was able to avoid what seemed to me

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and memory are unaffected, and so is speech, save that it is snappy, as is

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with them is set free. Those organisms responsible for the skin eruption

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tion ; secondly^ the superposed disks containing lenses

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character. The outcome of the case is certainly excellent. One lesson

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slight fever, suddenly manifests pernicious symptoms (most com-

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ment of the lymph glands before the operation. If it

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is a symptom usually more or less prominent. Tenderness over the epigas-

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These quotations seem to me to justify the conclusion

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duplicate similar material being submitted or published elsewhere.

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Wednesday by the Alabama Delegation to report back and to discuss committee reports, and to meet with and interview

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may be "latent" in almost any region, these latent abscesses being typified in

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Peyer's patches seldom above the lower half of the ileum. The disease

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were it practicable. In short, at the time when the operation, if employed

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Hon. J. Dille, of Newark, Ohio, came to my office on the evening of the

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volved. The following description will include the symptoms

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Discussion on Organotherapy to l>e opened by Victor C. Vaughan,