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town not a thousand miles from the capital, have no de-
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Taling veratrine and aconite ; soluble in alcohol, chloroform,
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nose, and owing to this pain and obstruction to breathing,
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labours. The description of the human hand in the first and second
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be resorted to ; but he thought the attempt ought first to be made,
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chalk and opium, chalk mixture, or lime-water or bismuth combined with
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forms the principal part of the oculo-motor nucleus. It comprises five separate nuclei,
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This book consists mainly of a collection of selected cases, illus-
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multiplication. The assumptions for rotational sequence is defined in Z-Y-X axis order
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is so much widened, that it looks at first glance like a
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among them, we hope, the Army Medical Museum. It is an-
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effusion into the pericardium so considerable as to push the lung
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on the occasion of the installation of the Earl of Rosse
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rapidity of flow. All these, however, fail if the blood is too concentrated
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be at about the junction of the last dorsal with the first
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receiving x-rayed portions of the tumor remained between 25 and 45
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Ergotin. Therap. Monatsh., Berl., 1891, v, 281. — Bic-
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blood states which are known as gouty or rheumatic." The evidence,
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as a rule well separated and surrounded by gardens. In such localities,
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[From the Bacteriological Department, Lister Institute, London.)
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poisonous Umhelli/ercB, are occasioned by the Belladonna^ Datura Stramo^
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medicine at Glasgow University, where he took the degrees of
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study of infant mortality, the first report of which reached
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the patient into his systemic arterial system by nitroglycerin or
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was given to found a Professorship of Anatomy and Botany,
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