If the plug passes beyond the circle of Willis it is then oftenest arrested in the left middle cerebral order artery, with results more disastrous than if it occluded a much larger vessel below the great arterial ring. He did not do so, however, and it was several months before I saw him again, and can this was when requested to visit him. The splint must be bent to an obtuse angle 25 opposite the knee to keep the joint in slight flexion, and thus to relax the muscles of the calf. Intra-capsular and extra-capsular fractures, impacted and unimpacted, are considered under the article" Hip- Joint," whilst in the same manner fractures of the lower end of the femur, involving or near the knee, will be discussed under the heading" Knee-Joint." Fractures of the shaft of the femur are divided conveniently into those which occur below the trochanters and those of buy the middle third.

Topamax - several of Boggs' cases with bronchiectasis could not be differentiated by clinical signs from tuberculosis with cavity formation.

In the second case the acne was also severe, but it had on existed for only a year. While we congratulate ourselves upon the advance we have already made, let us remember not only that our present condition must be maintained by constant vigilance on the part of the city authorities, but that much still remains to loss be done, and will always remain, before we can attain perfection in our sanitary condition.


West has a valuable paper on" Wounds of the Heart." The members of the Society 50 will recall the Poole case and many others; but what seems the most remarkable circumstance in connection with the case, whose history I now present, is the fact of the i)atient Ihinij fifty-five Jays with wound directly throusjh the the heart were much more promptly fatal than similar Now. He will be glad to explain how his Company meets the exacting requirements of adequate liability protection, which are peculiar to the Professional Liability field: topiramate. ADMINISTER WITH of CAUTION TO PATIENTS WITH SUICIDAL TENDENCIES AND DO NOT PRESCRIBE LARGE QUANTITIES OF THE DRUG. Louis, Jones Metabolism Ekjuipment Company, Chicago, The price Mennen Company, Newark, New Jersey. The corneal reflex was slightly reduced on mg both sides, but more on the right than on the left. Right here is a somewhat delicate point: the second physician called in shoidd have full authority to administer the special treatment or treatments that he is to give without interference by the physician in charge of the case (lose). In order to secure the most thorough application of the agent to the mucous membrane of the throat, patients, if old enough, are instructed to swallow as slowlv as possible one dosage third teaspoon ful of kaolin four or five times an hour during the day. At the last meeting of the Association, held in Philadelphia, it was unanimously resolved,"That the medical profession of the British Provinces be invited to meet with the American Medical Association, at its next sitting in the city of Committee of Arrangements should deem proper.""As the physicians of the Canadian Provinces would not be entitled to seats as delegates, they arc earnestly and affectionately invited," in view of the above resolution, M to come as members weight by invitation, without limitation as to number, to participate in the proceedings of the Association, and the hospitalities of the citizens of Detroit." MASSACHUSETTS MEDICAL COLLEGE. Thus, the recent divergence in spending provides The exploratory study of hospital spending by Joseph Newhouse, Geoffrey Anderson, and Leslie for Roos draws on that experiment to compare hospital utilization by patients age sixty-five years and over in the United States and Canada.