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tula, which then remains incurable, except by the destruction of its

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was contained in 4 c.c. of sterile water, a considerable amount


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trying to get out of it. 8 p.m. pulse, 120; respiration, 20; temperature,

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are warmly supported by many of the best dentists. I believe,

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For the satisfiiction of our readers we translate the general conclusions at

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with any degree of certainty; but probably it does not differ materi-

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plified by the joint existence of puerpera and scrofulous tubercles to a remarkable

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side, having thus lost their power of motion, speech and deglutition were

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were present in the majority of cases. They ranged in size from a

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this might be safely done, we injected high dilutions of the drug

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down to uremia. In the consideration of my statistics, therefore,

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they elongate, becoming at the same time thinner and readily

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of the heart, but a large proportion of the cases described by authors

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32,000; high temperature; rapid respirations, and lysis on the ninth

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or special non-clinical inquiries which properly belong to the more

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in the stools. A small amount of food remains is obtained in the wash

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Berkefeld filters which exclude the usual test bacteria (e. g., M.

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indicating that the activity of the thyroid was proportionate to the

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plained of by the patient. Now, if this absence of pain be a matter of no

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contains a hydriodate of the protoxide of iron; and, if the exact quantity of the

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fever imported from Ireland or Wales exhibiting a change from a continued to

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(From the Hospital of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York)

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incessant, occurring every two or three seconds, night and day, but is not very

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later ones. They are apt, however, after a later injection, when

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ing that development of character through which, after facing out

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resulting from a decubitus in a patient who had typhoid. Several

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persons was expanded to its utmost limit by the inspiratory muscles, that the sud-

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the past few years. How does the growth of pneumococci within

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A Clinical Study of Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease. By Theodore

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general redness, and ending in a scaly condition of the surface. These erup-

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mortem studies demonstrate that occasionally an osteophytic

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of the parts was exactly similar to that found by Michaelis, of Keil, in the

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M. D., Lecturer on Materia llcdica. Edinburgh Mfdical and Surgical Journal, vol. liv,

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of animals have shown small foci of necrosis in the myocardium

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