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four ounces of very foul pus, lying in which was the
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and sound judgment to the interest of our discussions
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Army Medical Corps in 1850 was first represented at American Medical
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The committee appointed to draw up resolutions on the
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declared that they are going to have a garbage furnace
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sire for this kind of work. As the two latter quali-
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and died in three days. The engineer, who had had frequent
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the aorta, by a similar aperture, half-an-inch long, on the left
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bral blood-vessel, a dangerous error is by this nomen-
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case is one that has been recorded by Osier. Both of them are quoted
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Even bearing such points in mind, it is not easy, in many cases, more
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oping tymjianitis, that he would discontinue its use.
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tion of citrated blood. The reaction had been very severe, but
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W. T. Ryan, B.A., C. W. Sanders, C. Shearer, R. L. Shearer,
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7. Estimated on basis of protein content of meats. Sherman
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reports of its occurrence in several member.s of the same family. With
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degeneration of the kidneys in diphtheritis is not due to excessive in
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guarded with a muscular valve which prevents passage of urine
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sometimes takes the place of a tuberculous deposit. And when it occurs
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was my fortune to receive for purposes of examination
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syndrome characteristic of this drug. Cocaine also facilitates
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in several segments, the one nearer the head, the one nearer the long
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657. Also: Progrfesm6d., Par., 1888, 2. s.,viii, 81 ; 105 — Tu-
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carry on respiration, and accumulations in the bronchial tubes ; or the
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must command our respectful consideration, and who draws after
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rounded border was accomplished to its highest part into the nostril,
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teeniecr associates — eminent for his thorough and extensive
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well, and the day following the symptoms may begin to recur.
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tions is the poor unfortunate guy who for the first
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open, I observed in the centre a small piece of steel. K. Rtrych. gr. vj ; alco-
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previously, and that the colour of the right optic disk was doubtfully
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of the lungs with dark blood. In some instances this