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pain was unchanged, and, in fact, was never complete in the left leg.

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adding newer imaging techniques not available in the

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rise to the cerebral symptoms; certain it is that in many instances

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editions of the list of consulting men, etc., are pro-

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really the most important town in the county, and as

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at least from the functional viewpoint, presents no es-

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In the arteriosclerotic kidney the urine may be free from albumin or show

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persons : in September, 231 ; in October, 39 ; and in

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that 1 c.c. of each successive filtrate was similarly treated. A filtered 1 per

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for detailed explanation and sample format of the logistical esti-

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plan to have the Association serve as a State Board of

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subject as it is being carried out today and will be carried out in the

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Anthropologi og specielt kraniologiske Forhold. [An-

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his examination of M. Groux, describes the pulsations of the

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Flc. 6.— The Inguinal and Femoral Sections. Superficial dissection, i, Pou-

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Central Nervous System: Sedation, drowsiness, mental clouding, lethargy impairment of mental and physical

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W LESIONS — David O. Davis, MD, Washington, DC; Profes-

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spontaneous delivery of the placenta, whilst friction of tlie bowels,


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to the time of occurrence of the rash or other leading pheno-

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a day, used for many weeks. As, however, prompt and speedy action

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No sweeping generalization can be made concerning all chemical

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this ; in future days an impassioned lover may, after the

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this and the ordinary practice, in the case of a young gentleman resid-

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cases that marked benefit was obtained by the application to the

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death, and the sera tested. Before giving the protocols of these

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This treatment was carried on faithfully by relays of attendants night

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as to perceptibly scent the air, the effect must be injurious to the per-

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immersion lens. The field is a homogeneous brownish yellow. Blood-cells and

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either case the tumour goes on growing and leads to a fatal termination. The

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