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in which sepsis is feared is the use of copious hot ene-

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the thoracic viscera are liable ; in fact, there is scarcely any

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tion ; in the stomach, it draws out the secretion of the gastric

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'aflfected breast .ecreted a less amount of milk. The wound healed, and the

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these cases are barren," says the " Practitioner," " and it leads

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The most characteristic single symptom of pyemia is pyrexia, which

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holders, but primarily it is to prevent disease epidemics which might

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items which have no value except for their basic materiel content

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nexa require complete removal, it is better to amputate and remove the

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be buttered on with a wooden throat stick and never bandaged; before

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patient had successfully battled through it, and was ap-

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it is now known that females are prolific beyond 50, and males beyond 60.

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