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Marfan (La Presse M^dicale, August 18, 1894, p. 261) considers the treat-

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suffered from prolapsus uteri, for which she has worn various pessaries. She is

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anatomy — a department of knowledge to which Vesalius

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and .sinoc then cvorythinn hud appoari'd larfior and of a roddisli-ycllow

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easily secured in the improvement of tenements, and

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Since writing the above the trial has come to an end — late

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child in which you are so deeply interested. In this

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With the few clinical fJEtcts which we possess in reference to the

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" It has been questioned if one ought to retain the name of polypus for large .

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two about equal parts — i, A general review of the

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there was no lack of commitment or self-sacrifice. Th<

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dreds of similar terms, if some later Bryant were to

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According to recent statistics, it has been found that in

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in accordance with a pathological law applicable to all the organs and

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instances from the stomach also by vomiting. The matters

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1)6 well to bo certain that they were facts. Dr. Ewart remarked that the way

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Hence tuberculosis of the iris and chorioid is more

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manieuvre for i)rocurin{; expiration, and, if not successful, replacing

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presented as cured at the last meeting of the German

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that the blood pressure may be normal with a reduction in blood

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customs of living, its prevalence upon the coast and in interior regions,

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ness or inflammation soon gave place to suppuration, and discharge of a

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working under Vulpian, took the chief part in the investigations, and. in

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the adult. It would appear strange to one who had not seen such cases

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tains in Colorado and New Mexico are as well provided,

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refused to eat the chop and on October 21 would eat neither chop nor

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cation, he has practically studied the duties of outdoor sanitary


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Fig. 206. Diagrammatic representation of the complete evacuation of the stomach by means

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" Not long since I met with an old friend, a physician, who had

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ing assertion : " We have now to show that the same substance that

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cups, wet and drj-, applied to the liack of his neck.

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Dry pleurisy, pleuritis sicca, adhesive pleurisy. In this variety the

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essential pathological condition underlies the affection of the glands. This

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elements, red patches, or papules. Much more rarely are vesicles and

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