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ally expressed in the guise of a superstitious formula.
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I have never known a shoemaker, whether in sending home a pair of new shoes
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ment resulting in the death of the patient. While the practice of infu-
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shorter than the lift ; which, upon inspection, was found to be in
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Serviceability standards for classification of medical equipment
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carbolic acid. He never, under any circumstances, drains the peritoneal cavity,
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atmosphere. Weights are furnished in two sizes, in the
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effecte over the actions of the economy, offers to the practitioner
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rupture as the result of blows or injuries is by no means unknown,
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the sick, and finally keep all in strictest confidence (I have
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portion has, in fact, been observed. Nay, the very reverse not
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Anatomical Characters In typhus, the abdominal lesions which are
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far as their chests were concerned. It is striking that all cases in which
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He had been the subject of a reducible inguinal hernia on
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compensation, and his indirect financial benefits in
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of yellow fever that this country has ever known. The untiring
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Cocaine addiction, in addition to that of morphine, can
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painful weight or pressure in the forehead, not referred, as in
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cases that marked benefit was obtained by the application to the
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types, because the disease does not invariably begin in
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schools to simply stand aloof during this period of
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may be taken freely. It is a very valuable remedy in complaints
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its lower segment did not expand, or expanded very little,
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time he was taking creosote by the stomach." {Brit. Med. Jour?!.,
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continues. Gov. Gerald Baliles has signed into law a
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employed with success. This antitoxine could be obtained with-
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of ai"ticulation. This muffling no doubt depended on paralj-sis of
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of the morbific action in these cases, the term continued fever was ex-
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ped, and with it a business-like appearance, will do much toward declaring
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8. Sorey KB, Storey JM: Freeze tolerance in animals. Physiol Rev
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seemed to cause unusual feebleness, but on the 26th the inflammation was
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Loveland, Dr. F. W. Walsh (delegates), the President, Dr.
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one a girl aged twelve, and the other a female servant
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such experiments and he was able to keep the parasites alive in blood,