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fact, the acute nervous complications are most fre-

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the beneficiary is bound. It is held that a certificate of

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portion of secreting substance may be a vital necessity.

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burned parts. 1 have occasionally seen a diminution

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tion or because their action is rendered less difficult. A certain

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to endeavor to prevent, by proper legislation and police

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the patient as to the seat of his pain. He had seen several cases

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erysipelatous inflammation can also be prevented from

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While investigations like those mentioned are of diagnostic impor-

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of the d(;ath of a gentleman of my acquaintance, who

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(a,) alcohol with tannin, alum, and naphthol ; (^,) salicylated talc (a

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Societies held their annual meetings, all of which were well

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President shall decide, and that Fellows desirous of being con-

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the recognised methods. The cervix could not be felt.

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leg. Pressure, position and compass measurement were also involved, but

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of Spartanburg and was not seen by any member of our commission.

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ear, and that his hearing had been gradually getting

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that the cholera raged in this very limited space it attacked

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initial period, which is sometimes of considerable length, loco-

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Francisco Medical Society Physicians (Health Care Delivery),

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Conn. Broad general medical and minor surgical skills required.

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and Students. By James 0. Cameron, M. D., Edward P.

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case in pellagra. Manson describes this in his most graphic and

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and inject with Carbolic lotion, repeating twice a day. Inject

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whose weekly lectures on insanity attract large audiences. His clinics

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known as Syme's favorite pupil, and as himself the founder of " antiseptic

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by means of bolts and plates. Leather collars by means of top straps

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Dover's powder, ten grains, and directed him to take one of the acid powders

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wrapper indorsements pertaining thereto, to the immediate com-

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faintly marked, or totally absent. This observation is founded on

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tion, be required : Balsamic diuretic 3i- Take four doses per

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highest of these figures ; but in subsequent epidemics it

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two about equal parts — i, A general review of the