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useful when we cannot compare the two sides of the body:
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there were heard behind, over a space 6 or 7 centimetres in diameter below the
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(non-therapeutic) level which did not relieve the symptoms.
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circumstance, then indeed shall we grow in capacity, refinement and
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The occipital lobe need not detain us long. "We will merely
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rif^lit humerus, and passino; inwards, mcwlc its exit on the inner side
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at 98, and on the two preceding days at 96. Similar to this are the
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on the other ; while the spinal nerves that go to the extremities are excluded from this har-
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decided to give the extract of corpus luteum a trial.
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for the student and general practitioner who cannot devote many
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if the immediate risk to life is considerable. This immediate mortality,
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branches ; while others still were samples of smaller
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ambition. Boldness in the use of the knife was the trait
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throuirh healthy parts, at a sufficient distance from the seat of
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excellent for an injection; alternate with the Lead lotion. Inter-
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Illustrated. Price, 21J net, cash. Published by Charles Griffin &
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a number of affections, and more especially if there is also hyper-
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In the intestinal variety of internal psoros per miosis nausea and vomiting,
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Wechsberg studied the action of this hemolysin on the
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In March, 1899, 1 saw, with Dr. James Andrews, of Hampstead,
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Criminal for physician attending such case to attend obstetrical
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ness, muscular cramps, etc. Paralysis may develop slowly, as the
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a true explanation of nerve-phenomena. The action is due not
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regeneration or restoration of physiological continuity is followed by the
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microscope or chemical reactions in verifying the diagnosis.
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develop, such as numbness and weakness. Often the paralysis of the
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realized, and that the proper efforts are not being made to
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*' Some years ago a gentleman, whose failing health was
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these forms are likely to be associated with hemorrhages. The latter may
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polypus in the middle of left vocal band, size of a
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A. — Cases observed (1) helow the Ensiform Cartilage, and (2) at the Xavel.
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England. His figures are rather higher than those of other
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tween them came the two-year course, which for half a century
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that the tsetse flies confine themselves to a narrow strip not more than fifteen feet
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reported as such. Dr. G. Feurer reports two cases of
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parable to porcelain, wax, or ivory, generally set in an erythematous
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Surgeon-General, U. S. Army. 8v6. PpT 348. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1863.
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o])ed primarily as discrete jmstules and never from preceding papules
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connection between the internal secretory glands and emotion.
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life is dated from the time when the disease was first noticed by
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densed milk must cease. Otherwise the percentage of
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A lumbar puncture on November 2, 1917, showed no organisms