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(1) Disinfectants or Germicides are agents which destroy

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febrile movement, the temperature rising more or less above the maximum

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dependent on uterine and ovarian disease, he mentioned

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melodies, added an entertaining merriment. On this occa-

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The character of the whole ])ook is one of simi)licity,

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them, but it also combines with all oleaginous matters

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movements afterwards by the administration of sulphur and

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Infantile Spinal Paralysis. — AtEXANDER C. Wiener

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A single layer of fibers under the microscope ■will be

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sented to you, and lam content to hope teaching of Robt. T. Morris, telling us of

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rise to an aiKlTatt»iiui«tr f.^i^J.%' <au«u*r, ii'iiM-A) \ii.rW it- i.trt.%itwn\-

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kandled by some of the critics, it was translated into many lan-

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how HTLV-I causes ATLL and will be able to apply that

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plicated." The rtate of the ftomach, for example, may give rife

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ened in fact, and in popularity, by weeding out the students

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The causes of neuritis were enumerated, such as wounds, blows, compression,

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mutual medical health assurance society. The various

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volumes of its Medical and Surgical History, showed at least one thing,

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death is the rare exception. In 15 cases the strangulation had

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skin affection and the essential disease is frequently over-

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itself to a greater extent tetween tlie surface of tlie lower portion of the front of the heart

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layer by layer, and ascertain how the parts are situated.

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We cannot always interpret every peculiarity of such a venous pulse-curve, because

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