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the uterus after this manner, yet the rationale of this course of
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quested to communicate with us through •' Doctor Higgins, 212, Rue Rivoli,
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ticable, the above method was resorted to and, so far as the detection
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her knees before the commissioner, and declared that her evi-
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those Interested in the Working and Organization of
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Mikulicz were considered the best means of attacking the disease.
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forms surrounding a healthy-looking skin (psoriasis annularis;) in the fur-
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dition in the uterus previous to the woman's delivery, using such
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to show signs of improvement, and it was simply won-
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a more deep-reaching affection. They may come from the bladder, pros-
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years a professor of obstetrics and gynecology in the Louisville Medical
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the bubo-plague of the middle ages, from which it differs so
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May 4th. — He has taken 315 minims daily during the
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the same as those commonly present in the healthy intestine.
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different hours (Gerhardt, by the way, at eight in the
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Balmony, Fish Mouth, Turtle Bloom, etc. — This plant is
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it by no means infrequentl}' happens that such children are
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attend the initial stage of a mild infection, lassitude, loss of appetite,
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the lower ribs and in the abdomen; bowels irregular, great tendency to
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respiratory passages, eyes, and genitalia. Sometimes it is found in an
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fusiform dilatations and the mucosa is somewhat thickened. The ureter is in
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upon the patient, by reason, without doubt, of the presence of viscid debris
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the Lords of the Privy Council, that increased facilities should
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stipation appear more than two weeks before the operation,
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Antihypertensive therapy is prescribed if these measures fail
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measures constituted the treatment. He recovered his consctoun
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she has lost nearly thirty pounds in weight during this
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August 22d, 11 A. M.—Pulse 66; respiration 22; temperature of hand 38®. C. (100<». 4 P.);
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awarded, plus a “popularity award” based on votes
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have made many cultures in exactly the manner prescribed by these
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Continuous emaciation accompanied by voracious appetite is one of the
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Surgeon. Relieved from duty at Willefs Point, N. Y.,
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lymphadenitis, arthritis, varicella and otitis show an increase of
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nature of a dull headache; there is also much muscular twitching about
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pain is present or absent, we should adopt from a me-