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paralyze the })neumogastrics, as in clot, tumor, and advani-ed

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third nerve on the same side as the abscess has already been pointed out.

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a healthy state of the pelvic organs. Clinical evidence

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1723, xviii, 510-516, 1 pi. — Kiindi-at. Deber die aiige-

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the attack is mild. I know not that there is any risk or evil, in the

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cases — to inquire tiie lenj^th of time from the last men-

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shortened; its steps were conducted with greater pre-

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that the homeopaths and eclectics sever connection with their own so-

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the bladder without any of it flowing out again. Stop the flow

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gether with a quantity of the uterus, nearly the whole right

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P.O. Box 1109 • 330 E. Lakeside Street • Madison, WI 53701 • (608) 283-5483 • (800) 545-0631 • FAX (608) 283-5402

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20, 1895,) calls attention to the fact that chronic coffee-poisoning is much

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pus was very profuse, and the pain at times very great.

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If we accept the idea that the spleen removes from the blood noxious

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should exist no constant pressure on the perineum, but that the

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Amount of test-meal prepared . . cc., containing . . gm. flour and . . gm. butter.

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2. Subacute rheumatism — the most common form, is not usually

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Dr. G. Frank Lydston in the Medical News for January

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well in a few days, unless fresh crops appear, which may keep up

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of albumen. Effusion existed in each pleural cavity,

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solid particles that are mixed with them. It is to be

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had ever had indigestion, but the register showed that


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its sheath. The external band, containing the masse-

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20 and 25, making 30 of the 36 cases under care, has carefully observed this point, and

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system generally, and particularly by increasing the strength oi the action

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doses of the tincture are recommended to be taken in connection

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day morning both eyes were turned inward, the right one

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diameter. Nothing is known of its anatomy. It seems very possible

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Thanks to the courtesies of Professors ■ Osier and Wek'h, we

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plan to have the Association serve as a State Board of