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ciation of joint involvements where the upper jaw is the seat of

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decided changes ; at other times it continues for years without altera:

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English students will have the whole wdde field of the new medical

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5. The symptoms of spinal disease at different levels and in different

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and stuffy atmosphere. In winter a temperature of about eighty degrees

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Shortly before leaving New Y'ork to attend the meeting of

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suddenly grows restless, is feverish at night, is thirsty, has a quick, hard pulse,

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quired by the temperament and constitution of the patient.

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Surgery and Teacher of Operative Surgery, Middlesex Hospital Medical School;

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Austria, and after a period spent in travel he emigrated to the

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sewing needle (gilt to prevent corrosion) under the artery, and securing

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the symptoms are identical with those of extra-dural bleeding. The

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the soft parts take place. The small spring forceps, called " scrrcs

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May 10. As an advisory group, the committee will help

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cially chai-acterized by the production of much glairy and tenacious

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patient is rapidly carried off, dying perhaps on the second,

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A small enlarged gland was excised from the chest wall and was

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growth factors in blood requires for its substantiation the demon-

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sisted in the Local Government Board's scientific work. He

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Quantity. — It is variety which tempts to excess ; few will err as to quantity

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Dr. S. Clarke, who was then acting as locum tenens for the

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through the vagina than from above. The speaker re-

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which subsists between the sexes in the degrees of their education

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enlightened state of society? If the medical gentlemen in

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deteriorating' the blood." Dr. Porcher recommends quinine and

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all the requisites for the generation of it, that the

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secretion, Politzer's method of inflating the middle

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history is entirely negative, but his personal history shows

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then peripheral neuritis is by no means a common disease in


1. & 3. Hfr. 1 p. ]., 109 pp. 4°. iii, 72+ pp.

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state of health. The surgeon is also interested in their state of

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It is now known that foreign bodies are very rarely the cause of appendi-

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Hence, we are told, when prayers for the welfare of

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The right arm was found to be a little weak a year before