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Street. The Dissecting Rooms will be open from eight o'clock in the
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present in several cases. In five or six instances the patient was subject to
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feeble persons to death. Diffused suppurative perios-
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London during the previous great fogs had been as great
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days. The details of this experiment are shown in Text-fig. 2.
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fect of a single local application must be very slightly felt
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cation, when the party sits at stool for a considerable time,
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Six other cases have been reported by American sur-
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subjects required for teachers' certificates. Since observing and studying the
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Metatarsophalangeal joints of both great toes red and swollen and tender.
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session, I referred to what seemed to me a matter of very consider-
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which results from vice — with that unsoundness of mind which
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matter and has indicated the absurdity of the " trade custom " ex-
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iHr-ioeiioo<eoq'<^e4t»^eoo» t<«o> th io
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Glenard, of course, believed all functional disorders to be due to
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or parenchymatous, the rarest, of which Helbing^ reports a case; id)
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Local colour is added by judicious quotation from diaries written
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observed, also, that the angle of retroflexion of the
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or only to displacement of parts, for in many cases the tenderness
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triangle is proportional to the chord of the arch of the pubes.
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infested individual. It is said that about 10 per cent of those
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Loiii^. IMH), iii, 399.— AiiderHon (.T. W.) The natiirn iif
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worth states that " it is the lymphatic bodies that are the
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A combination of aloes, rhubarb and calomel, is peculiarly
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colitis. She was diagnosed with possible inflammatory
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that he be enabled, as far as human means avail, to aid justice
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carious, tongue is clear. Rather p^^culiar facies ; the forehead is
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his disposal. With strict aseptic precautious and a thorough irrigation of the
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technique of spinal cocainization free from all danger. Con-
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I am satisfied on this point, that the disease is essentially curable
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to variolation. Statistics of large numbers of cases were
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weighed 27.1 ounces. Another man was examined 15 hours