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Even before Virchow's views were made known, certain observations had

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ingenious theory of epilepsy, and the practice which he so zealously

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will be no uncertainty in the future as to what the in-

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it is some accidental complication which actually destroys Hfe. Still there

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avoid confounding them. During the progress of the disease a more or less

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ble would be raoidly adopted. For stone, the supra-

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At a special meeting of the students of the Bellevue

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cord which moved freely. The growth was removed, and proved to be

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Carolina,* highly interesting both to the pupil and

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, through bungling handling at first, generally on the part of some fellow work-

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The food should consist of milk, soft cooked eggs, beef tea

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such candidate, upon such examination, may designate any particular

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Some Observations of General Interest Regarding the Course and

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Whatever tends to disturb the nervous system may appear to cause

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porous coral formation, and, although the air is a moist

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to the fracture of the neck of the thigh-bone in old

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pathetic nerve, have been almost entirely given up bv modern

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creased motion would be positively detrimental. But other

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Soc. Best., 1872, vii, 104-106.— ITIenger (R.)' Tympanitis;

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creature. Yet, with this intelligence, this knowledge of

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brown colour, there were many blood-globnles, some normal, and

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cases there is no itching at all. The bile never fails to appear in.

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Polyuria. See Cystitis — Diabetes Insipidus — Dia-

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and is subacute, with a temperature of not more than 102° F.,

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The position and form of such marks on the neck may also

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gets its hold on the mucous membrane of the intestine. The

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throughout the incubation period, or very small repeated injections

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FarMlte de Paris," etc. One might read this title upon

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as many good reasons for allowing him to choose his medical attend-

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posture, and depresses the head and trunk until the external end of the

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of veratrum viride in these cases. This drug had been largely

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the well-known theory of Frerichs, who ascribed uraemia not to urea itself,

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the abdominal region, many of which are so well counteracted

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changes in the visible superficial arteries and the e^ddences of lesions of

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eight or ten times with spirits of salt, (chlorhydric acid.) As for him,

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seemed to lose sight entirely of the object of the argu-

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maitdy of lenses and other apparatus appropriate to the unremitting

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