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9. Ademma. — Of this form of tumour (which resembles true gland
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glycogen was refuted. The s[)eaker, furthermore, examined the
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boots. The day before I saw him he had walked twenty miles
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The remarkable communications, of which I have given a digest,
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the dropsy generally increases more rapidly after the operation, and that the
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children (meeting the requirements of the Medical Ordinance)
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immune. The serum also revealed therapeutic properties. An animal
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best substitute for the mucous coat and walls of the intestines,
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were patients who were operated on account of symptoms of pyelitis
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grain doses, and I have never seen any results from it in lesions of the
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employed for many months, e.xercise and passive motion
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which they occur. In his own analyses he estimates the total
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In addition, we must be wary of proposed “reforms” beyond the office setting, reforms
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(1836), Gluge (1837), Canstatt (1847), A. Hirsch (1860-81), Biermer
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Rapids ; F. X. Walls, Chicago ; I. A. Abt, Chicago ; J. Noer, Stough-
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Limbs cedematous ; abdomen protuberant and fluctuating ; great cadaveric livor.
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bers, whose noble attributes and high professional char-
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small silk suture to nicely appose the skin. A small cap-
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and did not permit some other man to escape because he was not able to pay up.
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disease, the prototype of which comes within daily observation of the
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he would place his clinical diagnosis above that of the microscope,
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sufficiently evident a priorL And my own experience, from opportu-
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could not be over-estimated. Our army was great and growing
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is her personal friend as well as Medical attendant ; if an
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the expedient of removing the affected soft parts very freely,
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tlieir secretions. As the disease may have an essential element
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can also pack them with iodoform gauze, to stimulate granulations;
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appear on the prepuce and right hand, and at 8 p.m. on
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(6) It may be present in the blood and tissues of the fatal cases of
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joints. They are alwaj's circumscribed, and if by chance they spread,