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resorted to, but on the whole it appears that the officials feel
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most incorrect idea, not only of the amount of puerperal sepsis, but also
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surgeon, gynaecologist, and all sorts of specialists combined,
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Blood. On the physiology and pathology of blood destruction 47;
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ceps. Tr. Edinb. Obst. Soc. 1897-8, xxiii. 148-152.— Fou-
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cessful antagonism to the morbid action, or with helpful assistance to
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inch by inch contests the ground, and saves if possible the
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similar case. Yet this does not negative the view that the tegmentum
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not dell even the medicine he has prescribed. Not because he cannot,
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marked calcium deposit may be found after an occlusion of two
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liquid diet, using Leube's meat solution. She also used milk with
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1. Irritative causes. This class includes all forms of insomnia caused
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may gain the support of the people by appealing to their
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perimental shell-firing. He, thinking it was whiskey,
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I, must be judge. If I know my own feelings, I would as soon accept
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appointed, and did report in accordance with what Dr. Acland
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consented to the use of tobacco again, thinking that, after all, this could
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time of his aphasie attack. At the age of eleven years he had a long illness,
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in Dr. Osier's early acquirement of that weight, Father
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exfoliations. There is no fever in which this phenomenon is
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6 per cent lymphocytes, 3 per cent monocytes. Sputum
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at once. Your line of conduct will be guided accord-
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The remaining two are of recent date, and it is therefore only
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THE Acidosis of Nephritis. James L. Whitney, M.D., San Franqsco 931
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representatives. It is gratifying to see that with much
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from cases of Oiviale, Swalio, Yelpeau, etc., to which are added six cases that
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The treatment by vaccines of this obstinate infection is only
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pains, and, this having been effected, the local distress disappeared instantly. —
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work is a small cable, to which is attached a sponge in-
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Marcella voluntarily wants to submit to such an inspection of her person
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with our present knowledge, undertake to explain. Hypertrophy involves
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liberty should be given to it by the general society.
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enteric stools it was absent altogether. The speaker had pur-
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ment of free fatty acids, glycerin-phosphoric acid, and lactic acid.
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ing the leaf during the ceremony. Before the arrival of the Spaniards
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toxic degeneration of the thyroid. In acute infections, such as scarlet fever
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ceeds from weakness of mind ; there is inability to carry 0:1 connected trains
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