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upon whom to confer certain honorary rites in handling


lies the artery completely on this side, 1 think the point of the knife must

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peptone stage, but there is some evidence to show that in carci-

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when, as among the lower class, the floor, walls, and bed-

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which he experimented, and the style in which he wrote,

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or five years; that no expense had been spared in seeking for

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sage, dry-rubbing, and physical exercise should be prescribed. We must

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tached to a bedstead raised ten inches at its lower end,

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expose his own miiitakes, to bold them up as a scourge over my bead ?

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stimulate more of our medical writers to contribute

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& Co., and having fitted ii up in new and modern style,

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excluded, by a normal hematocrit and mean corpuscular

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be used on board ship shall be placed in bond, and shall there

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replied that his wife did not desire any family, and that, as

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thirds of the chest: loudest immediately behind the scapula

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tered after death, is of no practical value, since such an occurrence is

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the trouble with micturition and defaecation was extreme, and a nurse was in

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observes a tremulous, vibratile or rotatory movement in some part or

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ity. But he will never accomplish this by folding his

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is drawn toward the vulva into a funnel shape. While

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ave acquiredva. new degree of virulence, to difiiise its influence through*

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is in contact with the spleen, and is much larger than the right.

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and night through the winter. Xever cries or frets. Takes, three times a

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day after the tooth had become loosed in the chest, the

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of the abdominal muscles in particular is important, although the

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linski (V.) Kratkiy obzor sostoyaniya glaz z prizlv-

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history of cancer. The first symptom of the disease that he

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medical superi'ision infect their own kin and neighbors

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The case is one of interest from the fact that a very

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prolonged, and yet not be attended l)y serious nsults.