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Tetanus. — C H. Browning, writing in the British Journal of Surgery (vol.

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just as certainly and effectually as if there were a liquid extrava-

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are considerably prompt in quieting nervous irritation,

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Pathology. The pathology of course is obscure, but presents many

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Marcus Beck at University College Hospital. Report taken

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It is said by an American Physician, that " it is confined almost

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his regiment. While in Louisiana he had some gastric

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could not tell what the right name was." At the autopsy a

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recognize him, no matter whether he has a diploma or not.

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were attacked with cholera, and those who occupied the other beds

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ties, had, in special circumstances, and in one out of many

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May 15-17— Occupational Hazards to Health Care Workers. Se-

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better, when practicable, to fatten and slaughter than to

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that the main structure of the jaw is infected from this local site. There

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Dr. R. R. Livingston, of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, has reported a case

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false membrane by allaying inflammation and hastening separation. A kettle

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Governor-General of India, in language that we must re-

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towards the centre of the nervous system, produce paralysis in another


to fainting, and ten leeches were applied next day ;

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6, 1902, to Ward 29, complaining of shortness of breath, with

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in a nursery. A micrococcus was separated, cultivated,

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wonder at the labor expended, for whenever we refer

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is perhaps the simplest interpretation to put upon our tests.

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traced to a herd of cattle sent west from Baltimore. All the

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mutes. The teacher must show him the exact position of the tongue in

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nian (H. G.) Typhoid feverneither self-limited nor self-

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entire cheek, a popliteal space, or the dorsum of a

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lasted a long time, it might, when assimilated by their

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the myocardium has also been met with. The disease is much more

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In those cases in which the hfemoglobinuria appears a certain

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the otologists that we are in a position to help them in their

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Dyspnoea from Cardiac Disease Relieved by the Inhalation of Oxygen 58

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