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duties, alert in thought, active in movement, interested in affairs,
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apparent in his "bovovaccine" method of immunizing cattle with
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bottles. In small doses, from 2 to 5 grains, long con-
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verized bacilli, from bacillary extracts, or by the use of various chem-
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gradually falls during the next few days. As a rule
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Potomac and Ohio rivers. The largest mortality prevails at Providence, Balti-
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symptoms. The amount of urine may be from twenty to forty
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have been recommended for this purpose: none, probably, would
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which has undergone hyperplasia and involution more than oncp. Each
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ber counted. Of total adults 7%, and of children 2% were
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Lead. Epsom salt, 10 ounces, Glauber's salt, 10 ounces,
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Just as pollution from outside kills the fish of the sea, so
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ill-health, and though fibromyomaU may be regarded by
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later, they had fallen a little in number. On May 22nd her
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A Theory of Development and Heredity. By Henry B. Orr,
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Lewis, Dwight Milton, B.A., Yale, '97 Johns Hopkins '01 New Haven.
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local state of the patient, and the weakness or energy of the uterine
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Pulse became quite rapid (120) with respirations 20. Tempera-
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Dr. Benoit was especially impressed with the large number of
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rapid. There is well-marked paralysis of the right side of the face.
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A Normal red cell ; b, c, d. e, red cells containing aiureouhe or myzopods ;
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It must also be remembered in making a laryngoscopal
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him an oiince and a half of castor oil and twelve grains
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Ikelwd. — At the examinations for the licence to practise
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exists, as either an intercurrent or an antecedent affection.
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though the section by linea allja is still known as his
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cases of perfect recovery. Such has been the outcome
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given and in Dr. Schiissler's patient it may be said that it is only since the intro-
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7 r find that the distressing symptoms of the climacteric make
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person to the commanding officer. Fort Riley, Kansas, for duty
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and puffiness there is atrophy of the parts. The tendon reflexes are
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three months or under, it will be safer and better not to make persistent
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issued by the above society, the honorary secretary of which
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The organization meeting was set for the second Monday in January, 1842, at Madison, for the
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of Oil of Turpentine as a stimulant and diuretic is from