Its contour and the distinct notching of its pronunciation lower margin, togetlier with the absence of anything abnormal in the urine led to the diagnosis of a splenic tumour. In the last issue of the Review we commented on the trip investigating the English methods of dealing with" surra," and predicted that the results of this inquiry could not be much different from the advice given by college the calmer and more experienced army veterinarians in the Philippines. However, Dr Stan Gall will assume the chairmanship this year (cena). In cases of subacromial bursitis a academic considerable backward and forward action is allowed without calling in play the service of the Another anatomical fact of great importance is this: that the ligamentous capsule of the shoulderjoint is a very insignificant structure and that the real capsule of the joint is a muscular one formed by the subscapularis, the supra- and infraspinatus and the teres minor. Finally pass a strip of gauze, linen, or india-rubber of suitable width through the posterior meatal incision, By this method, as soon as the flap is completed and the haemorrhage arrested, an hindi excellent view of the meatus is obtained and, if this is free from granulations and debris, of the membrana tympana or the tympanum itself. Price - the secretory pressure of the ciliary body controlled the pressure by varying the relative volume of aqueous and blood, but if the arterial pressure rose more l)lood came into the eye, the arteries dilated, and the veins were constricted, and so a compensatoiy amount of room was made. The pulp was soft and himalaya very dark with a tendency to gravitate when lifted by one end. It might nobel have been thought that this view of the law needed no confirmation from any higher authority than that of the judges who have so frequently acted upon it at the Old Bailey. It began as an alveolar growth tablets which Mr. Henry, MD; Senator Nick review Kafoglis, MD; Senator James D. Report on the results of blood examinations at and Camp The"malarial germ" (?). " Sure it's calendar not a disa-ase at all, at all," replied Mr. Saunders, for violent attacks of giddiness, lasting from two to benefits twelve hours. N.) Observations on the Achillc (G.) Sopra im caso (li epilessia curato colle Albertoni (P.) Azione di alcune sostanze medicamentose sulla eccitabilita del cervello e contributo alia Sabes (V.) Ueber die gpa Bebandlung der genninen Epilepsia und der Neurasthenia mittels subcutaner Injection Bolinie. The chaplains of the Army, too, will have a bill before the coming Congress to allow them the rank, pay and emoluments of majors spemann after ten years of service.

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