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the nasal cavities, and removal of all crusts, a copper needle attached to
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causes growing out of a defective sanitary police. And the inhabitants of
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after “being seiz’d with a very short stertor” were re-
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Lying-in-Asylum for practical obstetrics; department for prevention of hydrophobia, and
The physician also gave " Sub. Mur. Hyd., grs. xv., to be followed
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height of the individual. But though this great autlior did
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gardens, to which convalescent patients are admitted.
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force and rapidity as by its overwhelming impression upon the
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bladder, giving rise to considerable bladder irritation. This
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are easier to introduce, less bulky. (2) The shape is
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extracted it. The mother and child did very well. Had the child died the
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is generally admitted that roughening of the endocardium in the
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As to the exact manner in which such clots are formed —
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Thirty-one hips (81%) were treated with primary open
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putrid odor and taste which had annoyed the patient had
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only, consists, like the ordinary urethroscope, of a
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peritoneal covering. It had then appeared that it was held
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revious experiences and conscious and unconscious con-
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labor. Therefore we are entirely opposed to granting such
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cause of death after this operation. Aside from this
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..\ OOPHORITIS, I mhi. i i;\ h i i I-. \M> LBUCORBHOl \-
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cold sponge bath every afternoon at 4:30 or 5 o'clock, followed by
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culation and respiration, and the nutrition and secretion of the organs.
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the subject of iron looked up in thirty-six of the modern text-
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all thereafter, with the patient sitting up and out of bed during the
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des HTipitaux cle Paris, Membrc de la Sucit'tii MCdicalc d'Observation, &c., &r.— Pari«
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possible subse(iuent hernia. My patients wear no form
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great tenderness of the external fauces. We ordered relays of leeches,
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and for the production of the X-rays. The student be-
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tion is a more precarious matter. Unforeseen increases
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while on the table of my waiting-room, in an unsealed
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