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power to counteract the poisonous effects of venom in a second animal, if
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for a long time it was almost deprived of sensation, and
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One case of pure senile melancholia^ a gentleman aged
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to the irritant action of undigested aliment in the large intestine; it is
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you cannot pluck him away from it, than to let him fall over.
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at bedtime, or any convenience for washing and bathing,
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Duplay, the seminal fluid of old men contains spermatozoa even when they
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abortion ensue. The therapeutic scope of aloes being large,
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The essayist described the points of differentiation of kidney
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and Draper — the Scalpel of Dr. Dixon, and other works of kindred
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gastric ulcers, he referred at some length to certain
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jaw for cure of bony and fibrous tumors, or removal of
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ment is of prime importance. Coarse, solid teid element and about 72% of the carbon-