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group, the characters of the mouth and teeth are in accordance

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state of health. The surgeon is also interested in their state of

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March 2, 1917: Retention meal, few granules of rice;

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Bowels move once in six to seven days. Pain in the back ; a

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Rhinooaul (rai^no-edl). [Gr. /&/c nose -f- kov?^

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2. Number of Hours of Nursing Care Given by Part-Time Professional

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afloat, designed by internationally acclaimed chef Michel Roux. Given

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should have the right to vote, except the President, and

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•[70]— 1911.— Lelean, p. S. Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps, London, xvii,

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literature also, but we need only allude to the rapid spread of the disease

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anybody who suffered from the lack of fruit. Of course, if

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posterior to the ventral sucker. The yolk glands lie at the sides, and theu:

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silence. The mistake was further strengthened by the almost total absence

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who said nothing (being asked nothing) about it, but simply,

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ical science. As the field is so wide, there must be many at work, and those

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in Captain W 's case it was found on the third day. and

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actual existence is to a certain extent hypothetical in many in-

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(when they are not the result of disease of the aortic valves), is a de-

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The temperature increases as you approach the equator.

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dark, later becomes jaundiced, and finally changes' to a mulatto or

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the lung or the osseous S3'stem. In these cases we have not operated.

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gave a history of being there from two to six weeks before the onset of

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in the grasses ; from the quantity of this mineral found in

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I do not consider the treatment in any case complete

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as shown by sour eructations (belchings) sour and greenish stools, scat-

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visible contractions were erythematous, similar to those in

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pages. The PRO budget must be developed and submitted in

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follow overstrain, e.g. the " soldier's heart," and the so-called irritable heart.