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convenient tool in tracing patient movement and treatment location a the time of setup.

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disease. One case became worse and only two cases improved. A

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or complex — is thoroughly analyzed, every lens is checked,

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Acute lymphatic leukcemia, which is often marked like scurvy by ulcera-

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as a rule well separated and surrounded by gardens. In such localities,

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the poison there ; but in spite of this last the case is fatal, too

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the right side posteriorly at the base. You will note the shape of

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first. Its surface has a rough, villous appearance. An-

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means of vinegar, brandy, or lemon juice, sea water, or fumi-

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somewhat in detail." A man of forty-five suffered in

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trapezius, omo-hyoid, and levator anguli scapulas were divided at their in-

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under contract with the city to treat the sick poor must

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active membership; that exception is Doctor Andrew Jackson

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and lie was accordingly sent tlie next day to the private institution for the

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J. H. Gallixger, M.D. — We notice the name of our esteemed colleague as

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side. This appears to have been frequently done. An

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Case 96, a girl eigiiteeu years old, had always had

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the abdomen; cloths wet in hot water are best because moist

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use I am content to let my ear dictate to my understanding, and

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from enlarged prostate, so that tlie finger cannot follow

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Suborder II. Heteroptera. — With the front pair of wings half

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three weeks. In this case the head had not begun to descend when

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softening in the brain, involving the internal capsule

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but insufficient personal acquantance with the newer fundamental

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the Department of the Platte, to take effect upon the