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cerebri. Its principal seat seems to be in the cortical, while
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phlegmonous process ending in an abscess. Operative
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In one comer were two men stripped to their shirts ; in
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sympathy with those who were not radical in their views.
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t a lady after having been there for fifteen years. The glass was
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Profuse secretion. the end of three weeks another bacterio-
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the same as those commonly present in the healthy intestine.
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the book and is exemplified by the author's words upon the
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injudiciously in the tropics for malaria. When fever developed,
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fixed, firmly tied with heavy twisted silk, using the Staf-
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per se, but always in connection with its complement — the rate of dis-
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ditions, of replacing the others. When the socalled myositis
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tertained the opinion that her disease — uterine or intestinal — was
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Author of "Lectures on Diseases of Children," "Patent Foods
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The indications of cure are : To relieve the irritability of
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she had always been perfectly regular. I found she had
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Chertsey Urnon.—John R. Milsome, M.D., L.E.C.P. Lend., M.E.C.S.
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Thus far, one may speak very positively. In the cases
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but merely have to say that as soon as its presence and
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TABLE 2 —Serum Concentrations Measured Concomitantly With Hemoglobin A , Determinations *
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" I. A spedfic, infectious disease is at present epidemic
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of the cervix with some eversion of the lips, the os was
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the Governors of the Dunboyne Dispensary have presented to Dr Good-
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full term, in its relationsbip with the ovary alone, with the
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continued action of considerable quantities of the poison. Mania a
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dry hacking cough, which is so common in phthisis, we must first
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she has lost nearly thirty pounds in weight during this
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the internal carotid artery, or a tumour con- stricture. Such a thing has happened to a
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are suitable for general as well as local application in the four-
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and throat patients. On the third floor, also reached by the main
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pharyngeal catarrh, catarrhal inflammation of the Eusta-
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