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properties to certain things of the earth answerable to that purpose;

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For the reception of persons of insane mind there are houses receiving

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pression when the medical department of the Berlin University was again sum-

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doctor, but of late has been a journalist, and brings to his

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cially on the outer side extending into the thumb and fore-

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united with twice the volume of this substance in the one, that it is in

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the institution as physician to the class of " Diseases of

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was laid upon the technique used in making the lat-

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been done they may be frequently and copiously oiled.

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Dujardix-Beaumetz. De la myelitis aigue, Paris, 1872, pp. 100, 113. — 13. Ebstein.

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ences gathered at the bedside with the experiences gathered in the labora^

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Britain for the past five years, just quahfied at Edinburgh University.

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as a fist, composed of what resembled lard in appearance

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applied. More or less wasting of the muscles is caused by the pressure.

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fibrous tissue is seen between the trabeculse, replacing the bone-

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along with sebaceous matter, forming a globular and hardened

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fully recognising many other sources of blood-poisoning, he regards

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and obstruct labor, but are rare, and cannot be diagnosed

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an equal number of medical men almost anywhere else to be found.

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is vomiting, apply a small mustard plaster over the upper part of the

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Careers Council of Alabama, many professional societies,

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then numerous epidemics have occurred. In New York in 1904-05

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membrano-cartilaginous tube, extending from the middle ear to the back

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He states that the large injections are well borne,

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