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The subject of this sketch received his early education

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have secured the "tintypes " of prominent members, and given

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Drug Provings, which consists of Drs. H. R. Arndt, Grand Rapids, Mich. ; Lewis

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as described in the first case ; and the fistula, which was of the

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etc. Alcoholic stimulants were injurious as a rule, though, when

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enlarged cervical glands, meteorism, sore navel, irritable bladder

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best intentions. Now consider the reverse of this : let well-inten-

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modern rifles, are not painful ; many of them bleed suffi-

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and so reputable, not to say distinguished, in practice, that the

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' ' International Annual of the Universal Medical Sciences," during

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[EKiracU taken, by permission, rrom a memohat sketch or the life of

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not fail to be delightful reading, not only to the growing lads for

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states thought to have been caused by inflammation can be ac-

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Total removal of the splinters, trimming the metacarpal

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"The Typhoid Spine" (N. Y. Med. Jour., 1889, Vol. I, 596-598).

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cocaine has a wide range of usefulness in their field. It is per-

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New York, a sister of State Senator Fancher. Dr. and Mrs. Hubbell

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From that time until the following year he served as an interne at

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September 17, 1892; Joseph J., born May 6, 1894; Margaret M., born

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ing his direct lineage, through historic names in Rhode

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tion of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York, the

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record in the New Haven Colony, March 7, 1647, the line of descent

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