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stipation should be combated by laxatives. (2) Antipyrin,
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I-30 gr. of arsenic, 1-40 gr. of strychnia, 1 5 gr, of bella-
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knows or has reason to believe that a patient would want
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lower, and usually perihilus in site, or there may be a general diffuse
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of the inflammatory processes in the areas involved by them. When,
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between the infliction of the bite and the first appearance of the
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"Among the prosperous, 40 in every 100, and among the poor only 8 in 100,
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tiae and then absorbed, or whether it is absorbed as an albuminate and
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•New Methods (or the Application of Old Principles In Treat-
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there might be something, after all, in Dr. Finlay's
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"Excels all other guaiacol preparations and all the com-
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this disease in the United States were three years ago in
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stable yards," a condition of things so obviously perilous to
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endemic regions. Further testing will help to further confirm
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reopened ; and examination revealed a hard mass, about
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Breck who could both entertain this assemblage and rep-
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there is a general wasting of the body ; and it has been observed that, in this
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I evacuated an enormous quantity of material that looked like milk,
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were seized, but those who separated themselves escaped in evenr
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tate? by Dr. J. B. Murdoch, of Pittsburgh, Pa.; Where shall
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its use. His own experience convinces him it is the best treatment.
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stone ballast, from ports similarly circumstanced, which
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and is doubtless true of man. Frequent reinfections occurring at short
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may be taught to undress and to dress, to feed himself, and to wash and be
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or more. In one or two places (left abductor minimi digiti) (juite large
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better deal with it at leisure, as I am now doing ; whereas,
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The prisoner was convicted of the manslaughter of a female child under ten
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the Grand Trunk, the Michigan Central, or the Michigan South-
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represent the average temperature and pressure of the air in the
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are very commonly found in pigs coming to slaughter, both testicles not
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would say that there was positively no depressing af-
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and all expression of that side of the face is lost.
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the whole, very judicious ; certainly, they may be called prudent. There
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